About Brainlab


Together we are making medical technology and knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and their patients.


Brainlab has been dedicated to innovation and best practice in the fields of surgery, radiotherapy, medical image sharing and digitally integrated O.R.s since 1989.


At Brainlab, we are dedicated first and foremost to people. To that end, we focus on the development of high technology products that help forge a global medical standard and advance health care. Our goals are unswerving—to provide the best possible technology to benefit patients worldwide, and to develop the highest quality products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. To achieve this, we have assembled an organization of professionals who believe that the pursuit of excellence has no finish line.

– Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO

Surgery Products

Brainlab creates and integrates products for various stages and phases of the surgical procedure, from software for pre-planning, to software and systems for surgical navigation, to data management and manipulation, and intraoperative imaging and surgical follow-up. This integration helps clinicians fully leverage patient data in an era in which data is continuously growing in volume and complexity.

Similar to a car or mobile phone global positioning system, surgical navigation—also called image guided surgery, computer-assisted surgery, software-guided surgery—continuously tracks surgical instrumentation in relation to actual patient anatomy and displays the relationship, in real time, on a software screen during surgery.

At the core of all our platforms is Brainlab software, designed for both routine and complex surgical procedures. Intuitive user interfaces provide accelerated workflows for image-guided surgery. Brainlab software offers universal tool integration and an open platform for surgeons to use the implant and tool manufacturers of their choice.

Automatic Image Registration ensures fast patient registration of intraoperative images for uninterrupted navigation.

Brainlab Elements surgical apps help surgeons make the most of patient data during pre-operative planning. With automated features such as Image Fusion and SmartBrush, Elements offer intelligent planning for a wide variety of procedures.

Surgical navigation with Brainlab is comprehensive and scalable, with platforms ranging from fully equipped to minimalistic. Curve™ Image Guided Surgery is the ultimate command and control center, transforming traditional surgical navigation into Brainlab information-guided surgery. For more streamlined navigation, Kick® Purely Navigation, available with optical or electromagnetic (EM) tracking, offers flexibility and efficiency with a minimalistic design and footprint.

Access to real time information is transforming the surgical space and becoming integral to daily practice in the O.R. Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT allows clinicians to maximize information for surgical decision-making through immediate quality control scans to verify progress before continuing or concluding surgery.

Buzz® Digital O.R. is a centralized information hub that simplifies effective management of increasingly complex operating room data requirements and data. This computer- and IP-based system allows for the effective handling of information relevant in the O.R.


Integration of Brainlab patient data tools simplifies treatment workflow and inspires collaboration between clinicians.

Quentry® is the Brainlab cloud-based service for image sharing and collaboration.
Quentry gives hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and physicians the freedom to access, control and share diagnostic imaging from anywhere within a secure clinical network.

Origin Server allows simultaneous or sequential planning from various locations on one server. It also works across different hospitals, making Origin Server convenient for inter-disciplinary work. Surgeons can actively participate in critical treatment steps, when and where they choose, on-site or remotely.

With a variety of customizable options, Brainlab technology maintains integrity while adapting to resource and workflow needs. Continuing to advance our planning and treatment technology is how Brainlab inspires collaboration and drives greater access to and consistency of treatments.